A consultation

gives you the opportunity to discuss
your EHA results with our expert.
This will help you get answers to all your questions
about your health and dietary recommendations.

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Doctor of natural sciences, microbiologist, immunologist and nutritional psychologist. She specialises in the diagnosis and therapy of gut microflora disorders in children on the autism spectrum, autoimmune and allergic diseases, including atopic dermatitis. She applies a holistic approach to immune system disorders and neurodegeneration processes, including methylation processes and gut flora disorders.



You can consult your results free of charge if the promotion you chose includes a consultation. You can also make a separate appointment with a specialist. In this case, the price of the consultation is 60 USD.
Use the Patient Panel and arrange an online consultation of your EHA results!

What you need to know:

  • by making an appointment for a consultation, you agree to your EHA results being forwarded to our expert, which will allow you to discuss them in detail;
  • during a 40-minute consultation, our expert will answer your questions regarding the results in a complete and comprehensive manner;
  • after the consultation, your online results will be supplemented with the necessary recommendations to help you choose the best diet and supplementation;
  • you need to book the appointment in advance;
  • consultations are carried out via Skype/mobile phone.