HAIR HEALTH & TRACE ELEMENTS: A Key to Lustrous Hair for Indians

India is a country famous for its cultural diversity, rich heritage, and, among many other things, the voluminous and glossy hair of its residents. The envy of people globally, Indian hair is often characterized by its thickness, luster, and natural dark color. However, in recent years, an increasing trend of hair related issues such as hair fall, premature greying, and dullness has led to a growing concern among us.


According to the World Health Organization, in 2020 depression became the second leading cause of disability in the world, after back pain and joint pain. It affects 350 million people in the world, and this is the best proof that depression is a huge problem and, at the same time, an excellent business for pharmaceutical companies that earn millions from the sale of antidepressants.

HASHIMOTO DISEASE – Regain control of your hormones

Hashimoto’s disease is a chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis. The disease belongs to the group of autoimmune diseases. The immune system considers the thyroid gland to be a foreign body that it intends to fight. The entire process begins to produce antibodies that attack the cells of this organ. DIAGNOSTICS The most important tests to diagnose Hashimoto’s

Effective diagnostics of the causes of excessive hair loss and balding EHA – elemental hair analysis

Excessive hair loss is a problem that affects both women and men. Physiologically, we lose 50 to 100 telogen hair (hair in the resting stage) every day. If it’s more than this, we’re dealing with balding, which affects scalp hair, although not all areas of the scalp are equally susceptible to it. From the point