A consultation

gives you the opportunity to discuss
your EHA results with our expert.
This will help you get answers to all your questions
about your health and dietary recommendations.

Don’t delay! Arrange your appointment today.

What you need to know:

  • by making an appointment for a consultation, you agree to your EHA results being forwarded to our expert, which will allow you to discuss them in detail;
  • during a 40-minute consultation, our expert will answer your questions regarding the results in a complete and comprehensive manner;
  • after the consultation, your online results will be supplemented with the necessary recommendations to help you choose the best diet and supplementation;
  • you need to book the appointment in advance;
  • consultations are carried out via Skype/mobile phone.


Our specialists:

Dr Ashwani Garg

Dr Ashwani Garg is a Conventionally trained Medical Doctor with expertise in Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine is a systems biology approach dedicated to finding and treating the underlying causes of chronic disease, rather than just treating disease symptoms. With a Functional Medicine approach, he assesses the root cause of diseases and addresses them holistically. His area of expertise is metabolic syndrome like Type 2 DM, PCOS, autoimmune conditions like type 1 DM, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, and child learning disorders (Autism/ASD/ADHD).