HAIR HEALTH & TRACE ELEMENTS: A Key to Lustrous Hair for Indians

India is a country famous for its cultural diversity, rich heritage, and, among many other things, the voluminous and glossy hair of its residents. The envy of people globally, Indian hair is often characterized by its thickness, luster, and natural dark color. However, in recent years, an increasing trend of hair related issues such as hair fall, premature greying, and dullness has led to a growing concern among us.

The vegan diet and iron deficiency – must one always accompany the other?

It’s widely believed that vegans and vegetarians are very susceptible to iron deficiency because as we know, the reason for insufficient iron is not enough being supplied in food to meet the body’s needs. Unfortunately, often, a seemingly healthy but actually poorly designed plant-based diet not only doesn’t have enough iron but also hinders iron absorption due to the presence of fibre, phytates, oxalates and polyphenols. So how can we balance the vegetarian and vegan menus to not risk anaemia and other dangerous effects of iron deficiency, and is this even possible?

Effective diagnostics of the causes of excessive hair loss and balding EHA – elemental hair analysis

Excessive hair loss is a problem that affects both women and men. Physiologically, we lose 50 to 100 telogen hair (hair in the resting stage) every day. If it’s more than this, we’re dealing with balding, which affects scalp hair, although not all areas of the scalp are equally susceptible to it. From the point