LITHIUM, the element of longevity, part 2 – what are the symptoms of lithium deficiency and when is it worth supplementing?

If your child starts having problems in both learning and behavior, it is worth thinking about lithium and checking whether its level in EHA is appropriate. This is especially true for children on the autism spectrum. Lithium is also very helpful in treating ADHD as well as post-traumatic stress or long-term chronic stress, such as

The effect of lithium on the central nervous system – how to deal with depression

Lithium salts are one of the oldest currently available psychotropic drugs. Numerous studies have confirmed their value in psychopharmacotherapy, especially when it comes to the treatment and prevention of bipolar disorder (bipolar affective disorder – BPAD, also known as bipolar affective disturbances, previously known as manic depression or cyclophrenia, is characterised by depressive episodes, mania/hypomania