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Who are we?

We are a group of people who differ from each other and deal with different areas in our company, but despite this, we all share the same goal: promoting preventive healthcare and a holistic approach to health. Health to which the key is the correct mineral balance. Because it is deficiencies, excesses, disturbed proportions of nutritional elements and the presence of toxic elements in our body are the cause of many serious diseases. The best method to assess mineral balance is Elemental Hair Analysis EHA.

A few words about our laboratory and EHA diagnostics

We are laboratory specializing in non-invasive diagnostics, operating on the market since 2012.
EHA diagnostics is a proven and reliable method successfully used by specialists in dietetics focused on dietetics and prevention. The test is carried out on the Avio 200 ICP-OES spectrometer by PerkinElmer.

Why EHA?

It guarantees the best choice of a diet that will not only take care of your patient’s body weight but above all about his health.
This is the only such laboratory test that evaluates the patient’s health over the past 3 months. An alternative blood test shows the body’s condition only in the time of sampling.
The patient does the test without leaving home what enables remote service.
EHA is unstressful for children. Its simplicity and convenience make it a test comfortable for patients of all ages.
It reveals excesses, deficiencies, disturbances of minerals balance and heavy metal loading. It is necessary information for choosing a diet for the patient.
It’s safe. The method of sampling reduces the risk of infection.
It allows for preparing diets for high-risk groups of patients. For children, pregnant women, patients suffering from chronic diseases who require a specific diet and supplementation.

As a part of our cooperation we provide:
  • The individual care of our consultant
  • Attractive terms of cooperation
  • The Lifeline Training System® – on-line course ending with an obtaining an authorized certificate
  • On-line patient account for effective remote customer service
  • Promotion on our website
  • Full package of marketing and advertising materials
  • Legal protection of your patient’s data
  • Several language versions of the EHA result
What is the Lifeline Training System?

Lifeline Training System is a training available only to our partners, which provides practical skills to work with EHA diagnostics and to set recommendations for your patients. The use of information from the EHA result let you achieve the best results in working with the patient. The training takes place on an e-learning platform, thanks to which you decide when you will complete the training.

The Lifeline Training System consists of 6 parts:

6 key steps on the way to comprehensive patient’s dietary care
Key relationships of micro-and macroelements against the background of metabolic types
Proportions of elements that determine the patient’s health
Three basic steps to regulate the patient’s hormonal balance
Effective methods of removal from the body
Discussion of patient result and preparation of individual dietary recommendations

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact us!
We’ll gladly answer your questions!