How does copper work?

  • Helps in the proper transport of iron in the body.
  • Helps in the proper functioning of the nervous and immune systems.
  • Helps maintain normal connective tissue condition.
  • Protects cells against oxidative stress.
  • Contributes to maintaining proper energy metabolism.

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Copper  – efficacy tests:

Copper deficiency can manifest as neurological problems or anaemia associated with incorrect use of iron.
A lack of copper can contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease, increase bone brittleness, disrupt connective tissue formation, weaken immunity, and retard growth.

Institute of Food and Nutrition in Warsaw.

Effective combinations

You’ll get the best results from copper supplementation by combining it with sodium, iron, cobalt, calcium, selenium, and vitamins B12 and B1.




Choose Copper.Point

  • Thanks to its liquid form and the use of the best form of copper, Copper.Point guarantees the most effective absorption of nutrients by the body.
  • Due to the very high concentration of copper, a small amount of the product meets the body’s daily requirements for this ingredient.
  • The dark glass packaging guarantees that the product remains pure and prevents unwanted chemical reactions.

Copper dosage

Adults – 8 drops daily diluted in 100 ml of water. 8 drops contain 1 mg of copper, which is 100% RDI*. *RDI – recommended daily intake.