EHA diagnostics – check your immunity

Immunity is the body’s natural ability to defend itself against harmful factors that post a risk to its health, such as viruses, bacteria, mould and parasites. Immunity also protects against the negative effects of allergens, cancer cells and other threats. So, we need immunity, but do you know how to check that it’s working properly and how to strengthen it?

The strength of immunity depends on the level of micro- and macroelements in your body. Zinc, Selenium, Iron and many other elements reduce the susceptibility to viral infections and at the same time strengthen the immune response which makes them responsible for protecting your organism. And the opposite – the reduced level of minerals and their imbalance expose you to illnesses.

Use the EHA diagnostics – a proven method to assess the level of your body’s condition based on determining the content of elements in soft tissue, such as hair. Check if your immunity requires support.


Elemental hair analysis lets you determine the level of 29 elements, and you get a complete picture of your immunity. Do an EHA test today and check your levels of elements essential for your immunity.

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