How does potassium work?

  • helps prevent fatigue and exhaustion
  • helps prevent the effects of stress
  • supports weak muscles
  • helps eliminate fluid from the body

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Potassium – efficacy tests:

An important study on PMS (premenstrual syndrome) was conducted by Dr. Guy E. Abraham and his colleagues at UCLA. They evaluated serum magnesium and erythrocyte levels in 26 women with PMS symptoms and in nine women who had no symptoms. It turned out that although their serum levels were comparable, women with PMS had statistically significantly lower intracellular magnesium concentrations than the control group. Potassium deficiency occurs faster than magnesium deficiency.

The research was conducted at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Did you know that:

In response to stress, the body reacts in three stages? The first stage is the “alarm” phase, which is very short, and this is followed by the “resistance” phase, which allows you to remain adapted to stress for a longer period. Unfortunately, the hormonal response to this phase significantly depletes potassium in cells, and retains sodium, which is one of the main factors leading to the symptoms associated with the third phase, “exhaustion”, which occurs as a result of stress. Long-term lack of potassium, particularly in those exposed to chronic stress, can result in fatigue, exhaustion, hypertension and other cardiovascular problems.

Choose Potassium.Point

  • Thanks to its liquid form and the use of the best form of potassium, Potassium.Point guarantees the most effective absorption of nutrients by the body.
  • Due to the very high concentration of potassium, a small amount of the product meets the body’s daily requirements for this ingredient.
  • The dark glass packaging guarantees that the product remains pure and prevents unwanted chemical reactions.

Potassium dosage

It does not contain additional flavour enhancers, flavours, colours or additives, which means that it provides only what the body needs – 2,000 mg of potassium in a daily dose.

Effective combinations

The best potassium supplementation results are obtained by combining it with sodium, vitamin K, manganese, zinc, phosphorus and iron.